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Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Since no article can answer your specific questions precisely, we are happy to dedicate part of our time to discuss your situation for free.

Fill in the contact form and wait for about 30 minutes before you get a phone call from me or one of my colleagues. Our goal is to spare you from reading piles of texts, only a small part of which may apply to your case. This will save you a lot of time and provide you with a quick initial consultation for free, which will help you decide what to do next.

If you would like to contact us immediately, we will be happy to hear from you. You can do this either by email at info@uplegal.cz, or by phone at (+420) 777 737 747.

We regularly provide legal services in the area of debt collection and prevention. Whether it is business claims, unpaid maintenance, or any other claims, we approach each debt collection actively based on each client’s requirements and strive for the most effective and successful solution. We work with our own and trusted enforcement agents with whom we are certain to actively screen the debtors' assets. We monitor whether the debtors have not filed for insolvency, due to which the creditors could lose their claim. We provide legal services from taking over the case until the matter is resolved, with our goal being to recover the entire debt, including accessories. We primarily try to resolve each dispute through out-of-court negotiations with the debtor, either through a proposal to conclude a settlement agreement or an agreement on the repayment schedule. If the debtor is unwilling to cooperate, we represent the client in court and in the enforcement proceedings that may follow. If the debtor becomes insolvent, we act for the client in insolvency proceedings.

As we believe unpaid claims need to be prevented rather than later addressed, we will check your contracts and other documents and, if necessary, make adjustments to them so that your position as a creditor is as strong as possible in the event of a non-performance.

Our lawyers provide the following legal services:

  • preparation of documents – a letter before action, acknowledgement of debt, settlement agreement;
  • preparation of debt security documents – pledge agreements, bills of exchange or promissory notes, guarantees;
  • representing clients in court proceedings – preparation of an action or a judicial order for payment and subsequent participation in court proceedings;
  • representing the client in enforcement proceedings – preparation of the enforcement petition and subsequent communication with the enforcement agent;
  • representing clients in insolvency proceedings.

Žádný článek nemůže zcela přesně odpovědět na konkrétně vaše specifické otázky. Rádi budeme věnovat část našeho času zdarma i vám.

Vyplňte do formuláře Váš kontakt a počkejte okolo 30 minut, než Vám zavolám já, nebo jeden z kolegů naší advokátní kanceláře. Naším cílem je, abyste nemuseli číst hory textů, z nichž jen malá část dopadne na váš případ. Tím ušetříte mnoho času a získáte velice efektivně a rychle úvodní právní konzultaci zdarma tak, abyste se mohli rozhodnout, zda a případně jaké další kroky podstoupíte.

Pokud byste se na nás chtěli sami ihned obrátit, budeme moc rádi. Můžete to udělat buď zprávou na email info@uplegal.cz, nebo telefonicky na 777 737 747.

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